How to Save Money By Wearing One Signature Outfit Like a Cartoon Character 

Let’s face it: clothes are expensive! Whether you’re thrifting or buying new, it seems nearly impossible to avoid spending excessive quantities of time or money on a full wardrobe…or so we thought. Now you can use this one sartorial life hack and cut your clothing budget down 100% just by wearing one signature outfit like a cartoon character every day. Here’s how to try it out yourself:


Pick your outfit wisely

Once you lock down your trademark outfit there is no changing it, so choose wisely. If you wear the same thing for three months straight, then suddenly switch out your Bermuda shorts for a pair of corduroys because it’s winter and your legs are cold, it’s going to be deeply jarring for everyone around you and they’re going to hate it more than the fact that you’ve been wearing the same Bermuda shorts for three months.



But also be bold

A signature look should say something about your personality! The most memorable cartoon outfits get to the core of their characters. Velma’s huge orange turtleneck shows she’s the smart girl and Scooby-Doo’s dog fur shows he’s a dog. So don’t be afraid to make a bold choice like a backward baseball cap with a little tuft of hair sticking out of the front or a graphic t-shirt for a fictional band you’ll hopefully always like. Remember: you are going to live and die in this outfit, and you don’t have the cartoon character luxury of never aging so we’d recommend skewing more Daria than Rugrats.


Hand wash cold

Unlike your animated faves, you actually exist in a corporeal world and that can get messy! That doesn’t mean this lifestyle isn’t for you, but you’re going to need to wash that outfit you’re wearing every day of your life. Shoot for hand washing in cold water to preserve the integrity of your garments. If your signature cartoon outfit falls apart, then much like a cartoon character, you’ll die, maybe? This is all sort of uncharted territory!


You’ve got all the tools you need to nail this new aesthetic commitment, now get out there and have some fun with it! Don’t forget you’ve got that job interview tomorrow and then Saturday you’re going to the beach. Good luck!