How to Love Yourself When He’s Accepted You Sexually but Rejected Your Suggestion in the Google Doc

Let’s face it: Getting rejected sexually can be pretty embarrassing, but it’s nothing compared to getting your Google Doc suggestion exed out by someone you’re attracted to. If this recently happened to you, then here’s how to still love who you are after being accepted sexually but rejected intellectually in a very public way:


Remember what else you have to offer.

He may not accept your Google Doc suggestions, but at least he still wants to bone! Don’t let your differing points of view get you down, and remember the sex goddess you truly are! You might not be someone that he’ll want to collaborate with on projects in the future, but at least he still loves your body and stamina in the bedroom, so that’s something!



Don’t bring it up during sex.

Even though the fact that he rejected your suggestion might be eating away at you while you two bang, whatever you do, don’t bring it up. This is because he might shoot you down again when you try to ask him about it, and also because you don’t want to screw this up too! Remember that sex is a great way for you two to collaborate together, just with your respective genitals instead of your keyboards.


Make your own separate draft.

If you still long to express yourself freely and openly, then try making your own draft of the project you’re working on. This way, you can suggest anything you want, and no one can reject what you write because it’s your very own copy! You’re totally capable of having great ideas, and you should recognize that, even if the guy you’re fucking right now doesn’t. Similarly, you could stop fucking this dream-killer and focus on masturbating.


So if you’re struggling to appreciate yourself after one of your suggestions were deleted by someone who accepts you sexually, then follow these steps to maintain your self-love, and your dignity. You can also try editing anonymously to save face next time!