4 Positions to Try That Will Keep You Both Facing the TV

Many people say that having sex is the best feeling in the world, but these people obviously weren’t alive after television was invented. If you’re finding it hard to finish your favorite shows because you keep having to stop watching them to have sex, then here are some great sex positions to try that will finally have you and your partner glued to the TV the whole time!


Reverse cowgirl

While the person on top will have a slightly better view of the television when you get into this position, whoever’s laying down will be able to see just fine if they simply adjust their neck a little bit! It’s also a good idea to try this one out when watching scary movies if the person on their back scares easily and needs to look away from time to time.



Doggy style

This position is one of the best for watching your favorite shows together, especially for the person in front who will have easy access to all the snacks. It’s also great for the person in the back if they’re coordinated enough, because they can catch some of the snacks in their mouth too!


Side by side

If you’re both feeling a little low energy, or the TV is off to one side of the bed, then this is the perfect position! Just lay on one side with your partner lying the same way in front of or behind you, and you’ll be able to laugh along with Seinfeld together in between your sweaty grunts. What’s better than that?


Mutual masturbation

If all else fails, feel free to separate your two bods and flick your own bean instead! Staring at the TV while both of you jack off is probably the best way to meet your goal, and you won’t miss a beat when you’re watching the award-winning cult documentary you two have been obsessed with lately!


So if you’re tired of compromising on your TV time to have sex, try out any or all of the positions above to never sacrifice your needs ever again (especially watching The Real Housewives when it airs live)!