How to Love Yourself Even Though You Got on the Wrong Train Twice

In a society determined to break down your self-esteem, it is imperative that you surround yourself with compassion and positive affirmations. However, this maxim is easier said than done – especially when you got on the wrong train twice and people definitely saw. If this sounds like something you’ve done more than once, here is how you can practice radical self-love in spite of it:


Remember that it could have been worse.

So, what you wasted $6 and traveled in the wrong direction for 20 miles? You could’ve done much worse. You could have tripped while jumping the turnstile and got fined $100 or accidentally pushed a stroller with an infant in it into the tracks. Both things you did not do! See, it’s all about perspective.


Pretend that you are a protagonist in a coming of age show.

Main characters are allowed to mess up. In fact, they would not be the star of the show if they did not royally fuck in some way. Think of you taking the wrong train, missing an important meeting, and potentially getting fired as character development. The plot cannot move forward in a captivating manner if there isn’t some conflict, right?


Learn how to read a map, maybe?

The biggest act of self-love is knowing when it is time to grow. You’ve lived in the city for four years, you should be able to read a simple grid system by now. Take a class, read a book, or simply pay attention to your surroundings. When the apocalypse is upon us, you won’t have Google maps to save you!



Viewing yourself as a human being deserving of forgiveness and empathy can be really difficult, especially when you fail so publicly. At the end of the day, it is paramount that you hold tight to the fact that no mistake makes you unlovable, even if you got laughed at by a group of cool teenagers when the subway doors slammed shut before you could get off.