How to Love Your Friends Even Though They’d Make a Terrible Ragtag Heist Team

Sure, you might like your friends, but do you find it hard to love them when they don’t naturally form a dynamic, eclectic team to help you rob a casino? If you’re someone who’s struggling with this, then keep reading for tips on how to love your friends even though they’d make a terrible ragtag heist team.


Appreciate what else they bring to the table.

Even though your friends might not be fit for a heist, they have a lot of other qualities that are still pretty great! Take your friend Tara for instance. She might not know how to hack into the mainframe of the largest bank in the world, but she did plan your last two surprise birthday parties, and that’s still worth something, right? All your friends are probably good for some reason or another!


Recognize that not everything in life is about planning an incredible heist.

Maybe this goes without saying, but there’s simply more to life than planning an incredible heist. Try focusing on your relationships instead, especially the ones with your respective friends. Instead of planning a heist, you could go out to dinner or maybe even plan a trip together somewhere. Just make sure not to steal anything on these excursions, no matter how tempting it may be! This crew is simply not cut out for that, and we are learning to accept this disappointing and deeply uncool reality.



Try to become friends with Sandra Bullock.

If you still can’t love your non-heist-worthy friends, then try befriending Sandra Bullock. If all else fails, you’ll at least have one friend who would definitely fit into an Ocean’s 8 scenario, mostly because she was literally in that movie, but who knows ­– maybe she can even wrangle your other friends together and balance out the team!


So if you’re struggling to love your friends because they wouldn’t make a good ragtag heist team, follow the tips above to appreciate them for who they are instead of the glaring lack of skills they could offer in a grand scheme of deception, seduction, and perhaps climbing through laser beams. But if that isn’t possible, then maybe just try getting new friends (with lock-breaking experience)!