Born from Your Dad’s Skull? 5 More Ways to Find Your Inner Goddess

All women have an inner goddess, but finding it can be a long spiritual journey that many of us don’t care to attempt. Thankfully, the world has made up many goddesses throughout time that you can claim as your own inner light. To discover the power only you possess, find out which of these five goddesses reflect your own True Self:


Athena – Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Courage, and the Arts

Athena was born in full armor out of her father, Zeus’s, forehead. Zeus also ate her mom. So, if you’re an Athena, you’re logical but full of daddy issues. Instead of engaging in sex with others, Athena chose to engage with her inner male self (there are those daddy issues again). Are you a virgin with serious baggage and strange sexual preferences? Then your inner goddess is Athena!


Isis – Egyptian Goddess of Wives, Mothers, Nature and Magic

Are you a mothering type? Isis is known as the mother of the Nile and of Pharaohs. Do you love bird motifs? Isis’s son, Horus, has the head of a hawk. Isis is devotedly saved her brother/husband, Osiris. Do you love river sports and incest? Then your inner goddess is Isis!


V0045118 Kali trampling Shiva. Chromolithograph by R. Varma.

Kali – Hindu Goddess of Time, Change and Destruction

Kali is a tough bitch who doesn’t play around. She is the girlfriend of Shiva the Destroyer because he is the only man that can subdue her wrath. Kali loves to get drunk off the blood of her victims and JUST DANCE! If you’re violent, can multitask with your four arms, and love to push fashion boundaries by wearing a necklace of human heads, your inner goddess is Kali!


Venus – Roman Goddess of Love, Beauty and Sex

Do you love being in the water? Venus was born when her dad’s genitals were thrown into the sea by Saturn and his sperm turned into sea foam. Venus represents the joining of masculine and feminine energy, so she loves to get it on. She may be married to the God of War, but that doesn’t stop her from robbing the cradle with younger men. Are you a cougar who loves to get freaky? Your inner goddess is Venus!


Ishtar – Babylonian Goddess of Fertility, Love, War and Sex

Ishtar is also known as the courtesan of the Gods, which means she is a magical prostitute. She is most famous for throwing herself at the King of Uruk Gilgamesh and killing his friend Enkidu after he refused to marry her. Most of her relationships with men end in death. If you can’t seem to hold down a man because you murder them in a jealous rage, your inner Goddess is Ishtar!