Get it! Sexy Empowerments for Bra Shopping

We all know bra shopping can be a pain. Getting scratched up by tags and compressed by ill-fitting underwire, leaves a gal feeling wounded – both figuratively and literally. So the next time you step into the fitting room, repeat these six mantras to take your sense of empowerment all the way to a 36EE:



Yell this one in your most Oprah-ey voice possible. Celebrate the fact that you have these glamorous mammaries, and everyone around you will cheer you on your way!


“My future shelf will thank me for this.”

What’s hard now makes life easier down the road. When those breasts are resting comfortably in the perfect new bra, you’ll be glad you got through this.


“Discomfort is part of the growth process.”

Is that bra that used to fit hurting you now? That’s because you’re becoming a bigger and better woman. You’re not just going up a cup size; you’re evolving, like a butterfly with beautiful breasts.


“If you want to fly, you must stop letting breasts weigh you down.”

You want to be the most that you can be, right? So stop weighing your spirit down with unsupported breasts. You deserve all the love and support it takes to pick yourself up off the ground.


“I value my gifts and my ability to nurture.”

Value those ta-tas, for spirit gave them to you for a purpose.



“I know who I am and what I am capable of.”

Don’t try to fit into or fill out a bra that isn’t you. Be comfortable with the shape you are.


So the next time you’re feeling vulnerable in your bra search, try these empowerments on for size. They’ll remind you of the goddess you are!