Is it the Flu or Your Spiritual Awakening?

When it comes to your health, the best doctor isn’t your doctor – it is your own inner wisdom. Instead of running to a Western doctor at the first sign of trouble this flu season, consider that you may just be in the process of a spiritual awakening.


When you’re running a temperature, a rushed, insensitive Western doctor might suggest Tylenol and bed rest. What your Western doctor doesn’t know is that many fevers are the result of your third eye consciousness waking up. Whatever you do—don’t put your hand on your forehead to test the temperature, you’ll block the flow of energy to your third eye that is allowing you to reach new levels of awareness.

Cough/Sore Throat

When your throat chakra (in Western terms, your “throat”) is sore, it is a sign that there is a communication blockage in this area. To clear this blockage, you must speak with truth and love. Communicate to your uninformed Western doctor that, “I do not need these toxic, GMO-riddled cough drops though I accept you as an imperfect being.” You will likely experience instant relief.


Experiencing nausea is always a transformative process. Vomiting is literally the past exiting your consciousness, so you can become fully grounded in the present moment. Dozens upon dozens of the greatest spiritual teachers have passed out on a bathroom floor covered in their husband’s pubic hair. Nausea should never be seen as a problem. Relish this moment.



The sensation of chills, or any sort of tingling on your corporeal body, means the spiritual energy of Kundalini is waking up inside of you. Lucky for you, there are Kundalini yoga classes to help you with this process. Use that shivering energy to get yourself to one, empowered with the knowledge that you might pass this blessed energy off to others in the class.

So Weak You’re Unable to Move

When you find yourself unable to move, the word you should remember is this: Surrender. Simply lie back, close your eyes, and open yourself to whatever the universe wishes for you to experience at this critical point in your spiritual journey. Consider your ability to abstain from food and fluids a precious gift of self-denial that will allow your body and being to become pure.


Congratulations! When your so-called “flu” reaches the point of hallucinations, you are safely and securely residing in a new world of love and neness. Leave all attachments to your old life behind, and enjoy the experience of your new, evolved state. Doesn’t it feel great!?