Finding Your Higher Self in Your Child

With all the responsibilities of Motherhood, the words “self-development” sometimes seem like a faint echo from another time. The Sundays I used to spend luxuriating in bed journaling about my feelings while my cat napped by my ankles are long gone. But as I’ve grown more accustomed to being a mother to three amazing children, I’ve learned that the best way to access my higher self is actually directly through them! You see, children are actually highly advanced spiritual beings capable of teaching us everything we need to know for our own celestial growth. Here’s how you can tap into your higher self through them:


Arts & Crafts

Children possess a divine creative spark that rivals that of any art school graduate. I almost went to art school myself, but then I got pregnant and needed to be home full time. And it has been such blessing. You can find your higher self by observing the visceral joys of your child and envisioning the soul-level satisfaction you would have if you were able to experience similar joys.



Saying No

The period of child development known as the “Terrible Two’s” is actually not terrible at all—it is marked by the child accessing his divine power as the ultimate decision-maker in his life. When he screams “Noooo!!!” to any and all food you offer him in the morning, he is demonstrating his ability to manifest the kind of life he wants to be living. Embrace this power and try to see it reflected in your own higher self by screaming “No” back at him. You’ll feel more in touch with your own needs and desires.


Spending Time With Daddy

Quality time with an adult male, in particular a father-figure, is one way to merge your energy with that of the Divine Masculine. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to find time with your husband when you are surrounded by bratty children every waking minute of your life. Have your husband carve out special, one-on-one time with your little angels. As I watch the car pull out of the driveway through the living room window each Saturday afternoon, I breathe a sigh of inner happiness knowing that my children are reaping all the rewards that any human should rightly get to enjoy. I try to tap into that as I take a shower.


So remember, just because you no longer have the time, peace, or energy to tap into your higher self as a mother, doesn’t mean you can’t attempt to harness the boundless energy and satisfaction your children are experiencing in knowing their higher selves.