5 Things I Know for Sure About Knowing Things for Sure

Are you ever certain you know something, but not so certain that you’d call yourself sure of it? Well, here’s what I’ve come to know for sure about knowing things for sure, in my experiences with knowing things for sure:


1. When You Know Something for Sure, You Really Know it (FOR SURE).

There’s no doubt when you know something for sure. Take my writing, for example – I never had to ask myself, “am I good at writing practical advice for people?” I just knew I was great at it, for sure.


2. Only YOU Can Know What’s Sure for You

Ever tried to get a reassuring answer about your life from someone else? Take it from me – they never know for sure what to tell you because they aren’t you. Other people can never know for sure what’s sure for you; they can only speculate (unless they’re an expert on sureness like myself).


3. When You Don’t Know for Sure, There Can be No Sureness

When you’re not sure, you’re not and there’s no changing that.



4. The Surest Declarations are Declarations of Love

When someone like me says, “I know one thing for sure – I love my husband,” you can bet your sureness they’re sure about it.


5. You Knowing for Sure is Sensed Through Your Whole Body

When you know for sure, it’s not a thought that you think in your head. It’s a knowingness that resonates through your whole being that can’t be replicated. No one ever knew for sure, through a study or a deduction of facts. The surest knowers know through knowing.


So the next time you’re wondering if you know something for sure, stop. You don’t. But the next time you do know for sure, rest assured: you’re sure.