Signs You Might Be Addicted to Water

Some may say that the act of drinking water is necessary to live, but how do you know when you’ve gone too far and it’s starting to dominate every aspect of your life? If you think your water-drinking is starting to become unmanageable and affecting your job and close relationships, here are some signs that you might be addicted to H2O.


You drink more than two cups a day.

Woah! If you’re drinking more than 16 fluid ounces of water in a day, you might just have a problem. Sure, water is fine in moderation, but if you’re overdoing it like this then you should probably slow down. Are people starting to notice your drinking habits? Then maybe it’s time to slow down a bit and take stock of what you’re doing to yourself.


You can’t function without it.

If you get headaches or muscle cramps, or maybe you just feel generally unwell when you stop drinking water, it’s time to accept you’re chasing the clear dragon, and it’s gone too far. If you find that you can’t function without drinking water, then you probably have an unhealthy relationship to it. Fortunately, the first step is simply recognizing that you have a problem, and it’s all uphill from there!


You drink it whenever you’re thirsty.

Water dependency is no joke, and if you drink water every time you’re thirsty, then you should probably interrogate your need to consume water so regularly. Thirst, in general, is pretty fucked up, so if you find yourself experiencing this feeling then we strongly suggest reaching out to a medical professional. The time to quit abusing water is now!



You don’t stop at drinking it – you bathe in it, too.

Disgusting. This goes without saying, but you are seriously addicted to water if you not only drink it constantly, but also bathe, take showers, or swim in it as well. If you do any of these activities, it’s only a matter of time until your addiction starts to take over your life, if it hasn’t already. Please seek help!


Billions of people around the world suffer from an addiction to water. If this sounds like you, then it’s in your best interest to reach out for help. Remember that you’re not alone in your struggle, even if it’s kind of embarrassing. Good luck to you and your fight against water addiction!