4 Signs That You May Actually Be a Little Too Into Signs

If you know how to look for them, the universe is chock full of signs ready to guide you along your higher path. Does this ring true to you? If so, that may be a sign that you’re a little too into signs, and there’s much more where that came from. Read on to learn how to spot the signs that you’re looking too eagerly for signs.


You keep seeing the same animal and think it must mean something.

Animals carry tons of cosmic meaning that humans have assigned to them. Does the same friendly creature keep appearing to you either in the flesh, in images, or in text? Is it a deer? If it is a deer, then you’ll definitely think us saying that is a huge sign, but it’s not – we picked deer at random! Anyway, what you’re experiencing is called Baader-Meinhof phenomenon or “frequency bias” and it’s sort of just something the human brain does. However, if you’ve processed your frequency bias as a sign, then that is absolutely a sign that you’re sort of overdoing it on the whole sign thing and should take a step back.


You have dreams.

Dreams. We don’t have to say anymore, because if you’re a little too into signs, then you’re probably already thinking of all the signs that have come to you in dreams recently. Dreams have a way of seeming significant, and they are insofar as they’re a glimpse into your unconscious, so we guess you can think of your dreams as a “sign” of what you’re thinking, but you could also just call that a “thought”. You’re on thin ice.


You saw a guy doing a Rubik’s Cube on the train and thought, “What does this mean?”

Watching someone do a Rubik’s Cube can be transfixing and feel very symbolic, but ultimately some people just like puzzles. It’s not a sign, but if you thought that someone doing a 3D combination puzzle on public transport meant something about your life, then you might just be a little to in it.


A crow comes and screeches outside your window every day at 11:36 A.M.

Okay, fuck. This does sort of seem like a sign and not of anything good, but we don’t want to enable you because we still think you’re too into signs…. this is a tough one, though, not gonna lie.



So look out for these telltale signs that you’re just a little too into signs, and if the crow thing keeps happening, I don’t know, maybe consider moving.