How to Laugh Like ‘Tee Hee Hee’ Instead of ‘HO HO HOOOO’

There’s nothing more enticing to a man than a coy, adorable laugh — and there’s nothing more disturbing than one that goes, “HO HO HOOOOOO.” Give your laugh a makeover with these tips that bring you from “HO HO HO,” to “TEE HEE HEE!” Wow!


Close Your Mouth

An open mouth makes bigger noises than a closed mouth, so seal that cute lil’ trap of yours and keep your HO HO HOs on the inside. Soon you’ll be a laughing little lady with a TEE HEE HEE instead of a monster woman with a loud-ass guffaw that makes dicks shrink and cry. Now let’s hear a tee-hee. You’re doing great!


Think of Mice

You know what is small and squeaky? Mice, bitch! Whenever something evokes a natural reaction of laughter in you, visualize tiny little mice and listen as your loud HO HO HOOOOs shrink down into the high-pitched tee-hees they were meant to be. Soon men will turn to look at you and think, “What petite creature is so delighted? I must buy her a drink!”


Just Whistle

Some might say that a loud, powerful laugh is better than no laugh at all, but those people are wrong and gross. Don’t you want to be gorgeous? If you feel a big belch of a laugh coming on, swallow it back down and just whistle instead. You may raise some eyebrows, but answer their questions with a declarative “Tee. Hee. Hee!” Then they’ll know, “She finds me funny, and she’s a lady! HO HO HO!”



Run Away

If you simply cannot stifle your boisterous, rumbling laugh, just run away from whoever has inspired that sound. Big sounds sound much faster when they’re moving at 7 MPH, so sprint out of sight and throw a laugh over your shoulder as you depart. You’ll come off as breezy and dainty. And if you don’t, don’t worry—you never have to come back!


A laugh can tell a lot about you, so make sure your laugh isn’t saying, “I’m a trucker on the inside.” With these tips, you’ll be laughing like a child in no time, and there’s nothing sexier than that!