How to Keep First Dates Cheap and Low-Pressure by Bailing on Them Last Minute

First dates are already nerve-wracking to begin with, so don’t make them more stressful than they need to be by planning something expensive and extravagant. Follow these tips to keep your first dates cheap and low-pressure by bailing on them last minute!


Make it a daytime date.

Mini golf, ice cream, coffee, or even just going for a walk – there are so many fun, cheap activities to do during the day. Plus, the cheaper the date, the less bad you’ll feel for inevitably bailing because of a vague “family issue.” Make sure to bail at the very last minute, though, or else your date might actually believe your excuse and try to reschedule.


Pick out a comfortable outfit.

This is the main trick for keeping first dates cheap and low-pressure. It’s so much easier to bail if you know what outfit you want to wear when you ultimately curl up on the couch and order takeout by yourself. An oversized hoodie and leggings or a matching sweatsuit? It literally does not matter because no one but you, your roommate, and the delivery guy are going to see you. Sure, you might spend more money on takeout than you would’ve if you had actually gone on the first date, but you deserve it because you almost went on a first date.



Let go of unrealistic expectations.

So many people have unrealistically high expectations for first dates. Specifically, that they’ll go well. So instead of wasting your time and money playing putt-putt in the rain with the worst person you’ve ever met, let go of any expectations you had and just bail on the date altogether! You’ll get rid of any first date nerves you might’ve had, and you’ll save $5 which is great because now you can buy a candy bar or a big balloon with that money, which are infinitely better alternatives to going on a date with a stranger.


That’s it! If you follow these steps, you’ll be sure to keep your first dates cheap and low-stakes – by bailing on whatever you actually planned – in no time! Just remember: Spending money when you’re chilling at home by yourself doesn’t count!