How to Hold So Much Eye Contact He Backs Off Entirely

Flirtation is a dance: It starts with eye contact, progresses to some light touching, and if you play your cards right, you might even kiss! However, sometimes you can be mid-flirt and decide you’re not feeling it anymore, and that’s okay, too. You might be concerned that he won’t be amenable to parting ways – if you say “no” outright, who knows how he’ll react? Instead, try holding so much eye contact that he backs off entirely. Here’s how:


Stop blinking.

The line between eye contact that’s sexy and eye contact that’s creepy is extremely thin. Arguably, that line is blinking. Flutter your eyes at him and he might get the idea that you’re into him, but hold an unbroken gaze for long enough? You’ll unsettle him to his core and he’ll probably just leave. Yippee!


Widen your eyes. We’re talking as big as possible.

Sometimes it’s not about the quantity of eye contact, but rather the quality. Widen your eyes as much as you can to make the quality of eye contact so bad that he has no choice but to back off altogether. Let him see that sclera, baby!


Stop speaking. Just gaze.

Continuing the conversation while you give him the weirdest eye contact ever might send a mixed message that you like talking to him but are just weird. Instead, stop speaking to ensure he has time to really sit in that uncomfortable gaze and get the message.



If he tries to look away, follow his eyes with your face.

At this point, you’re close to getting him to back the fuck off, but you’re not quite there, so now it’s important to hit the gas. He might start to get a little nervous — which is a move in the right direction — but to push him entirely over the edge, you’ve got to dial the eye contact up to “clinical concern.” Don’t let his gaze drift. If he starts looking over your shoulder, move your head. If he tries to turn, follow him. Now is the time to apply pressure!


Follow these simple steps and you’ll have him off your back and calling security in no time! Just make sure you don’t hold eye contact in a way that suggests you’re crazy in a hot way. And if all else fails, you could always have a friend pose as your boyfriend, the type of person he’ll respect!