How to Go a Day Without Smoking Weed Even Though It’s Literally Right Next to You

Even though you may need a few hits to be able to enjoy a meal or stop feeling the intense anxiety you do every second of your life, it’s important to be able to make it through a day of living life without weed once in awhile. So here’s the best steps for going a day without smoking even though it’s literally right next to you. Like, it’s right there.


Busy Yourself

Did you take up smoking because you were stuck inside with nothing to do every day? Then it’ll probably be possible for you to just ready those fingers to do anything besides roll a fattie and get absolutely zooted while rewatching Pretty Little Liars. Maybe this will be a good time for you to finally start using that rug tufting gun you bought but never tried because life got to be too much. Oh God, that’s depressing. You know what… there’s a packed bowl right next to you.


Just Breathe in Really Hard, Pretending Like You’re Smoking

It’s time to take a lesson from annoying people who meditate and take some deep breaths. Try inhaling really hard like you’re smoking a poorly rolled joint, but without the joint in your hand. The muscle memory of breathing in and out might quench the deep desire to get loopy and eat a whole box of cereal. Just because it’s right there, doesn’t mean you have to do it! But it sure would be easy to just reach your little arm right into the bedside drawer and come back with drugs. I won’t tell anyone if you do.



Tie Yourself Up Like a Werewolf Under A Full Moon

If the need to light up is just too dire, get some rope or chains and tie yourself up like a human that turns into a beast at the sight of the full moon. It will stop you from grabbing your bong while also looking pretty dramatic and cool. If anyone comes in you can just say you’re experimenting with BDSM which could be fun for your image. You know what? Maybe just get into BDSM for real to kill some time!


Switch To Edibles.

When all else fails, switch to edibles. It’s more intense AND you can still say you’re not smoking. Win-win.


Every stoner should take the time for a tolerance break, even though you obviously have the goods right there that you might as well enjoy while you can. Here’s to the effort!