How to Style a Sweater Vest Without Looking Like Doug Funnie

Sweater vests are back! And while there are a million ways to wear them, some of you might be concerned that putting one on will make you look exactly like Doug Funnie, lovable dork of the iconic 90s cartoon, Doug. So if you’re wondering how to rock a sweater vest without looking like a middle-aged man in a 12-year-old’s body, here’s how:


Oversized Sweater Vest Over a Button-Down

Take up space and let a loose, thick sweater vest keep you cozy in the last chilly days of spring – WITHOUT looking anything like Doug, who is a cartoon. By keeping a long-sleeve shirt underneath, you’ll avoid the classic pitfall of wearing a T-shirt, which Doug wore daily. You can do this! We believe in you!


Glam it up!

Rock some hot gold or silver chains over that sweater vest to make it devastatingly clear that you’re a human woman and not a pre-pubescent boy suffering from male-pattern baldness. Throw on a colorful shirt underneath to let everyone know that you’re young, you party, and you are definitely not an old person masquerading as a cartoon boy.


Throw on a blazer.

Here’s something that Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Harry Styles would do and Doug Funnie would NEVER do – throw on a simple blazer or something even more glamorous to bring an even more sophisticated look to your outfit. You can take this from day to night, and even hit the club – you know, a place that only cool people go, not Doug.


Go no-shirt underneath!

Doug Funnie would never do this.


And there you have it! You really can rock a sweater vest, and more importantly, nobody under 30 knows who Doug Funnie is. So get out there and stop being such a cheug.