How to Get Into Embroidery When You’re Traumatized by The Scene From ‘Coraline’ Where They Sew the Kid’s Mouth Shut

Embroidery is a great way to get creative with arts and crafts, but it can also be difficult when you’re still recovering from that scary Henry Selick scene you saw when you were 10. If this sounds like you, then keep reading below for how to get into embroidery when you’re still traumatized by that scene from Coraline where they sewed that kid’s mouth shut!


Focus on your goal

Even though you can’t stop thinking about claymation children getting stitched up with button eyes and smiles, focusing on what you want to embroider can take that fear right away! Instead of playing the scene where Other Wybie shows Coraline his stitched up mouth over and over again in your head, focus instead on the pattern you want to stitch, preferably something cute and fun like a flower, or maybe a non-realistic-looking heart. Adorable!


Watch a different movie while embroidering

If you’re still struggling to embroider without thinking about Coraline’s Other Mother performing fucked up knit-like surgery on that kid, try watching another movie while you embroider instead. Also note that the movie you pick probably shouldn’t have any embroidery, needles, and/or sad looking children in it. Try to look for the opposite of CoralineThe Lizzie Mcguire Movie, maybe?



Face your fears head on

If all else fails, it might be possible that you need to try a kind of immersion therapy by making a direct comparison to the Coraline scene that scares you the most; the part when Other Wybie tells Coraline that the Other Mother sewed his mouth into a smile. Maybe make an embroidery of Wybie’s face with the sewn up mouth to get over your fear of it in the first place! Embroidery is all about conquering your trauma, after all!


So if you’d really like to give embroidery a shot, but you’re worried that the scene from Coraline where the Other Mother sews that kid’s mouth shut is holding you back, you can follow these tips to finally get over that hurdle. And when you’re finally done with the embroidery, it probably won’t even remind you of that scene! But it probably will a little, though.