Wow! This Guy Can Explain Nihilism Without Anyone Asking Him To

In a move that stunned his date, 26-year-old Nico Adler proved he could spend 40 minutes elaborating on the definition and applications of nihilism despite receiving no encouragement from the woman who had agreed to get drinks with him.


“I’m a nihilist, so I don’t think any of this matters,” Adler offered without any provocation. Amazing!


Though McMahon expressed neither confusion nor curiosity about what he was saying, Adler launched into a detailed overview based on Youtube videos he’d watched on the subject.


“It’s fine if someone doesn’t know what nihilism is,” McMahon sighs. “But I do. Not that he asked.”


Witnesses claim they saw Adler shouting that “religion, morals, and life are all meaningless,” based on an “amazing Philosophy 101 class” he took at college.


After summarizing the basics of nihilism while McMahon fiddled with her phone under the table to call an Uber, Adler was able to posit his own “original” revelations on the subject, such as the idea that religions aren’t the only pervasive belief systems in our society and that even things like gender are made up.


“I’m actually envious of you for believing in something,” Adler reportedly shouted at McMahon as she rushed out of the bar. “I wish I were better at lying to myself!”



Though McMahon walked out of the date, an undeterred Adler continued to quote Nietzsche to no one.


“I really dodged a bullet,” McMahon says, “I’m genuinely looking forward to never thinking about him again.”


Adler, whose other interests include Chuck Palahniuk and Reddit, is still explaining to the bartender the difference between nihilism and hedonism, despite having closed his tab an hour before. What an inspiration!