Brave! Woman Looks At Everyone Else In Group Photo Before Zooming In On Self

Women - Reductress

Charlene Morales has always been a selfless, giving friend. But she took it to a new level Saturday night after a group photo session at her friend’s house.


“There was a bunch of us in the pic,” said Marion, the owner of the phone. “After I deleted the first 23 options, we passed the photo around so everyone could zoom in on themselves and give their blessing.”


Each woman passionately confirmed to be obsessed with it, even Sheila who has fat knees.


But according to Marion, something about Charlene was different that night. “She looked at the photo and said ‘Guys! We all look amazing!’ It was almost like she was saying that all of us looked amazing.”


Anita, who was looking over Charlene’s shoulder during the incident, is still stunned.



“I saw her look at every single girl in that photo before she even thought about herself. It took sixteen seconds for her to do her standard zoom-in close up that starts at her calves and ends at her hairline. It was honestly the most inspiring act of selflessness I’ve ever seen.”


Charlene could not be reached for comment, but her friends insist she’s a hero.


“I’m in awe of her bravery,” says Marion. “It wasn’t even that great of an angle for her.”