How to Get a Guy to Stop Talking Over You So You Can Finally Tell Him You Want to Fuck

We all know how hard it can be to talk to men when they’re constantly talking over you. Sometimes they just need to shut the fuck up! But sometimes, the truth is you only want him to quiet down so you can let him know you want to bone. Here’s how to get a guy to stop talking for once so you can finally tell him you are DTF.


Say It Confidently

If a man at work is talking over you, you have every right in the world to turn to him and say, “Hey, you’re talking over me. I have something to say.” It can be scary to speak up, especially when you consider yourself to be ‘chill’’, but it will benefit you in the long run to be honest now. Also, he’s never going to know you want to fuck him if he doesn’t shut up and hear you say it! Except he probably will assume you want to anyway! But like most men, his plan of getting sex to happen was very, very, excruciatingly bad.


Scream At Him To ‘Shut Up’

Hmm, calmly addressing an issue professionally and earnestly isn’t working? What a surprise since men are known for being well-tempered and self-aware. That’s okay, because you always have the option to scream “SHUT UP, TYLER” at the top of your lungs to let him know that you’re interested in a sexual relationship with him. And we get it, Tyler is so fuckable, except for he’s not when he keeps talking. Interesting, but don’t think too hard about it! Just yell.



Write a Letter

Write a handwritten letter to get your dude’s attention! Maybe he’ll finally listen to you if you’re not there, since he just monopolizes the conversation when you’re in the same room. He may read the letter, but he also might give up after the first sentence since reading isn’t his favorite thing. He’d rather be talking! Wow, men have and always will be incredible people to be intimate with!


Use these tricks to get that dude you want to fuck to close his mouth for ten seconds so he can finally hear you say you’re interested. And if he’s not interested in sex, don’t take it personally! Also, porn with the sound off and his voice narrating. Shoutout to men everywhere, despite our best judgment, we want to fuck you!