How to Enjoy Sex Even Though Women’s Soccer Is Probably On Right Now

So, you’re trying to enjoy an intimate moment with your partner, but you can’t stop your mind from wandering. Is there somewhere you’d rather be? Is there something you’d rather be doing? Absolutely. Here are a few ways you can focus up and enjoy sex even though women’s soccer is probably on right now.  


Vocalize your preferences to your partner. 

It’s easy to zero in on sex and not women’s soccer when the sex is really good! Don’t be afraid to communicate exactly what you’d like to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone. On second thought, maybe don’t communicate exactly what you’d like, because of course you’d rather be watching reruns of the FIFA quarter-final match between Australia and France that came down to penalties. Of course you’d rather be feeling the rush you originally felt when that seventh penalty, by Australian Cortnee Vine, barreled into the net. Maybe keep that part to yourself and say something like “choke me please.”


Practice mindfulness, specifically to put soccer out of your mind. 

In this fast-paced day and age, it’s easy to find yourself being distant with your partner, especially if you suspect that women’s soccer might be on right now. Focus on living in the moment and breathing in sync. You know who else is in sync? England’s team. Really unstoppable so far. Is their game on right now? NO. That’s a thought for another time, preferably a time when you are not being intimate with your partner of five years. You know who else has been together for five years? US Women’s National Team member Kristie Mewis and Australian captain Sam Kerr. What were we saying?


Let your imagination run wild. 

Okay, on second thought, maybe just let your imagination fly. Bring some fun back to intimacy! Try role play! You could imagine you’re a pizza delivery-person and customer, plumber and homeowner, or maybe that you’re playing an intense game of soccer on the world stage. You’ve got the ball. You dip left. Your partner tries to counter, but what’s this? The ball goes right through their legs! You’re on the other side! You’re running at the goaltender and, BY JOVE YOU’VE DONE IT! GOOOOOOOAL! GOOOOOOOOOOAL!



Put women’s soccer on in the background.

It’s important to know when to accept defeat. Maybe just try hooking up with the game on? Could be fun!


There you have it! Quick and easy ways to enjoy an intimate moment even though soccer is likely happening as we speak. Take solace in the fact that soon, the World Cup will be over, and all you’ll have to worry about are the extremely entertaining weekly games in the national league!