How to Drink in Moderation Seven Days a Week

Having a drink can be fun, especially as a way to relax after a long day at work or to let loose on the weekend. But it’s important to make sure that when you’re drinking every single day of the week, you’re doing so in moderation. So here are a few handy tips for when you’re striving to drink responsibly, seven days out of the seven days in a week.


Have some water in between drinks.

If you’re going to be drinking, it’s important to stay hydrated while doing so. As a bonus, drinking a glass of water in between all of your alcoholic drinks will slow down the rate at which you’re consuming the alcohol, forcing you to pace yourself through your daily vodka sodas. Practice this rule every time you go out and you’ll have no issue drinking in moderation all seven nights a week that you’re consuming alcohol!


Avoid taking shots.

If it’s moderation you’re looking for, try to steer clear of taking shots. Drinking that much pure alcohol at once is bound to get you drunk faster, and will also lower your inhibitions more quickly, causing you to drink more than you normally would when you drink every single day. Shots are more of a party drink – stick to cocktails if you’re trying not to drink in excess, even if you’re doing it every single evening and sometimes during the day on weekends if you’re at like a brunch or something. Moderation is key!


Opt for beer or wine.

Beer or wine are drink options with a much lower alcohol percentage than hard liquors, so choose those for when you want to go out and drink a reasonable amount every night in your week, including twice on every other Wednesday because your work hosts a happy hour and your local bar hosts a trivia night. You’ll also help to avoid a cloying hangover the next day, won’t be a huge problem because you’ve been practicing for this race literally every day since you turned 18. In fact, you might need to drink even more because of that.


Try any of these tips when you’re trying to keep your drinking in check while you’re having some mimosas with your Saturday and Sunday brunch, going to your friend’s new cocktail bar on Monday, meeting your old professor for a few beers on Tuesday, linking up for a first date at that brewery on Wednesday, taking your roommate out for new job celebration drinks on Thursday, and bar hopping with with your adult kickball team on Friday. And remember: everything in moderation – even in high-functioning alcoholism!