3 Cornrow-Adjacent Hairstyles That Say, ‘I Don’t Have Any Black Friends to Check Me On This’

There are many who would say that no single culture can claim to own a particular hairstyle. But from cornrows to microbraids to Bantu knots, there are myriad hairstyles that were specifically designed to function as protection for black hair. But honestly, if there aren’t any black people around, who’s to stop you from trying them? So here are four cornrow-adjacent hairstyles that say, “I don’t have a single black friend to check me for wearing my hair like this!”



Nothing looks better (on black women) than a head full of thin, dangly microbraids. And with their naturally growing hair braided into synthetic strands, this style allows black hair to grow without the risk of breakage, as long as you don’t leave them in too long. Of course, you don’t have any black friends in your life that would kill your vibe by explaining this to you and recommending against you appropriating a hairstyle that makes you look like you’re doing some kind of offensive black person cosplay. So go ahead and look a little ridiculous in some microbraids! You’ve got no one holding you back!


Rope Twists

Microbraids’ thicc cousin, rope twists are quickly becoming one of the most popular protective black hairstyles. You’ll have to watch a few Youtube tutorials to make sure to get the twist and the tension right for a uniform look. I mean, if you had a close friend who was black and knew how, you could ask them to share their knowledge. But you certainly don’t have one of those, or any black friends at all, because if you did they’d absolutely be side eyeing you for even having the notion. Good luck, girl!



Bantu Knots

Though they’re not super cornrow-adjacent, bantu knots have been brought to the mainstream by Uzo Aduba’s character “Crazy Eyes” in Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. Although, if you grew up black, there’s a good chance you already knew what they were. But let’s be realistic here: you didn’t grow up black (because you’re white) and you don’t have any friends or even acquaintances who grew up black either. And left to your own devices, without even one black friend you could call who’d tell you that you’re wildin’ for even considering this as an acceptable hairstyle for yourself, you’re gonna try this anyway. And knock yourself out, I guess!


Try any of these hairstyles that are explicitly not for your consumption whenever you wanna give off clear vibes that you don’t have any black friends that could have guided you in the right direction. Yas girl, slay!!!