How to Do Literally Anything When You Don’t Know if It Will be Fun and Rewatching ‘Seinfeld’ Is a Safe Bet

Having a new experience can be incredibly difficult due to the risk factors at play. If you do something like go to a museum, or bake cupcakes, or catch up with an old friend, who knows what kind of a time you’ll have?! Whereas watching 22-minute episodes of a sitcom you’ve already seen may not change your life, but at least you know exactly what you’re getting every time. But with that said, here’s how to do literally anything (if you really want?) even though you don’t even know if it will be fun and rewatching Seinfeld is a safe bet. No soup for you!


Put on your shoes.

If you’re going to make yourself do any sort of activity, a great first step is to put on your shoes. This will allow you to go places that aren’t your apartment. Of course, Kramer wouldn’t even need shoes to energetically enter Jerry’s apartment in the familiar and generally solid 90s sitcom Seinfeld but that’s neither here nor there. With your shoes on, you’ll be ready to have an experience that isn’t watching an episode of television you’ve literally seen before, and who knows? Maybe you’ll have a fab time, or maybe you’ll get crushed to death by a falling A/C unit. That’s just the kind of risktaker you are, apparently.


Say “yes” more.

A great way to introduce new activities into your life is to say “yes” when opportunity knocks. Does your friend want to do something exhausting and impossible like corralling a group of people to take an hour-plus multi-train trip to the aquarium and maybe hallucinogenic drugs are involved? Go ahead and say “yes” to that plan which will probably involve either having or tending to a panic attack, though you could be watching four white people wander around a parking lot in a classic Seinfeld bottle episode. Variety is the spice of life, but Seinfeld is the Seinfeld of life, and it’s honestly pretty good.



Get out of your comfort zone.

People are always saying, “Get out of your comfort zone.” Why? I like my comfort zone; I find it very comfortable. Now if this derivative Seinfeld stand-up has you craving an episode of the ‘Feld, you should probably just do that. But if this advice actually speaks to you, then go take a figure drawing class or whatever. If you were Elaine, you’d probably be convinced to go by some artsy guy you’re dating, and then Kramer would be the nude model and it would be a whole thing, but this is just regular life. You just have to put yourself out there and hilarity won’t even ensue, necessarily. Remember: You chose this!


So try these tips to do legitimately anything though it may or may not be fun, and rewatching Seinfeld will at least be solid. Giddy-up!