How to Do a Confidence

Every once in a while, it’s good to take an honest look at yourself and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Odds are, the one thing you’re missing in your life is a confidence. If you could just pick one up at the store, or do a confidence out on the town, your whole life would turn around. But how do you do a confidence? To be honest, what is a confidence? We’re not entirely sure, but we’re here to tell you anyway.


Learn How to Carry Yourself and Your Bags and Stuff

Doing a confidence is all about carrying yourself and your stuff or??? Maybe like don’t put down your bags on the subway!!! You’re gonna look soooo confident carrying all of your stuff at once. The more the better, so load ‘er up!…


Dress for Success/Failure

A big part of doing a confidence is looking the part. Dress for the confidence you want, not the confidence you have! You need to make sure you’re dressed to succeed, but if you’re going to fail then be dressed for that instead. Just make sure you’re dressed right. With clothes, silly!!!


Have a Ton of Money

Just like be very very rich. Rich people ooze doing a confidence and you can just tell. There are articles on how to get rich, right? Read those!! On the internet??? This is getting hard.


Don’t Cry in Public?

If you do people will tell you that you need to do a confidence, which is what you’re trying to do! Also, people have said that boys “won’t respond to this behavior well”. Who knows!!! Keep the water inside the eyes for that “just confidenced” feeling. Now that’s how you do a confidence. Good job!


Change Your Name to a Fruit? Yes

Have you ever met a “Kiwi” who wasn’t doing a confidence all over the place? Exactly. Yum!


It Comes From Within

Doing a confidence comes from within. Within what? Idkkkk. A jar? Maybe a confidence is inside a house. Hooray!



Don’t Let Your Mom Get to You

Um mom, just because you can’t do a confidence doesn’t mean I can’t. Leave me alone. You’re ruining my life! Lol. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Follow Someone Wearing a Poncho

If you’re ever on the bus and you see someone on the street wearing a poncho, get off dat bus! See what they do, and then do that. Unless they’re like…killing someone? Lol idk. Who would even kill someone?! Confidence is important.


Remember That Confidence Is Easy-Peasy

Um hello! Everyone is doing it! Why aren’t you?! Good question, me.


Fake It ‘Til You Make it

This is the absolute key to doing a confidence. You just need to pretend that you are doing it. If you have to, write a listicle about doing a confidence, and then no one will ever say that you don’t know how to do a confidence ever again!


Well, there you have it! You are sososo ready to do a confidence, so what are you waiting for? Go out there and do one, or five, or twelve! Any number will do. Now get out there and do a confidence!