How to De-Stress When Things Are Going Well for Once

Too Wet

Stress is an overwhelming factor in everyday life that can prevent us from reaching our goals, especially if we are reaching our goals. We all go through smooth patches from time to time, but take heart: This, too, shall pass. Until your life returns to its normal, miserable state, here’s a quick list to help you ease the anxiety of an upswing.


Breathe Deeply
Getting oxygen into your system is a great way to alleviate the stress of a good week at work, or worse: a raise. More money means things would be easier, and things being easier means things will be different—yipes! You should never feel embarrassed to take time out of your day to re-center yourself in your new corner office. Your feelings are valid (and successful).


Go for a Walk
The nervous system carries a lot of anxiety and stress, so shake away the jitters in your brand new sneakers-that-Zappos-gave-you-a-50%-discount-on-that-you-are-convinced-they’ll-take-away-because-that-deal-was-too-good. It’s helpful to walk in a calming field or a beautiful garden, like the ones you’ll now able to afford to pay people to plant around your home, because you now make enough money to afford the things you want (sorry for the reminder).



Play Relaxing Music
Sometimes only the soothing sound of a mellow song can ease the pain of being in a healthy, year-long relationship. So drown out your worries about his well-paying job and sing out your paranoia about how feminist he is (IT’S A TRICK, RIGHT?). Life is filled with unexpected hurdles, even if you are encountering none of them right now and all of their usual triggers seem to be permanently absent from your life. Ughhh!


Watch a Sad Movie
Grab a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and cry out those non-tears! When watching something like A Walk To Remember, you will definitely not relate to any of the characters, because you have exactly zero loved ones with cancer, which will make you anxious, and, in turn, put you more at ease. Why are things so fucking good right now?! Maybe you’re biased about your social groups? Should your boyfriend have cancer? Ahh, yes. This feels right. Cling to this panic tightly while your boyfriend clings tightly to you, on the couch you bought together in your beautiful, love-filled home. Fuck! Fuck fuck.



Talk To a Friend
Bend the ear of a close friend and let it all out—especially the part about having nothing to let out. Perhaps they, too, can share a time when they’ve had problems with having no problems. Who knows? Maybe she’ll get jealous of your lack of problems—then you’ll have a problem of your own to worry about! Unless she apologizes right after, which—ugh honestly, what the hell is going on???


It can be tough to pull through when things are looking up. So just remember to keep calm and stay present—anxiety or secret cancer are sure to come your way, soon! (This upswing can’t last forever, can it?)