7 Ways to Bond With Your Seasonal Eczema Patch

‘Tis the season for sipping on hot cocoa by a warm fire while scratching that dry eczema patch by your elbow. But don’t let the winter blues get you down about a couple of scales! You can infuse your relationship with your eczema with all the warmth and joy of the season. Here are eight ideas for turning your chronic skin condition into a cherished winter tradition:


Plan a weekend ski trip.

Don’t let your dry, flaky skin stop you from enjoying the cold weather. Instead, encourage that patch of skin to share in the perks of cold weather by renting a cabin in a snowcapped mountain. There, the flakes of your shedding eczema patch will seamlessly blend in with the snowflakes all around you. You can even rub prescription lotion on each other on a bearskin rug!



Take it to the ballet in a very heated auditorium.

You and Patchy will probably not feel as depressed about how to itch something that already kinda hurts while watching superhuman agility and beauty grace the stage in “Waltz of the Snowflakes”. No one appreciates the finer things like Patchy does!


Try on ugly sweaters at the mall.

Laugh in spite of the intense itchiness caused by synthetic wool numbers. You look so silly! And salespeople will keep a safe distance when they get a look at your uncovered, afflicted limbs.


Cuddle by the fire. Like, right by it.

Cocoa? Check. Jazz playlist? Check. Quick transition from cold to hot aggravating your sensitive skin? Checkity check check. Patchy, you’re getting bigger!


Ice Skate at an Outdoor Rink

Gliding through the chill of the outdoor air makes it seem like nothing can stop you two, not even the inherent irritation of your relationship. Press those irritated raised bumps around your wrist into the ice for a treat you’ll both enjoy!



Enroll in a baking class.

Learn how to create a tasty, flaky wintertime dessert that will impress all your friends. And when they ask, “What’s that special something that I’m tasting?” you will smile a knowing smile that says, “It’s my skin flakes. Well, our skin flakes.” Awww!


Arrange a photo shoot with a wintry backdrop.

Commemorate your seasonal fling with Patchy with a festive photo shoot. If you feel like splurging, hire a professional and stage the shoot in a rural pasture or cozy cityscape. Ask the photographer to zoom in really far on your eczema while also getting everything else in focus because you don’t understand how cameras work. If you don’t feel like splurging, take a sexy selfie next to some mistletoe and throw on a filter.


After sampling all these fun seasonal activities, you’ll be sure to appreciate your scaly inflammation more than ever. Your eczema patch is, after all, the most committed partner you’ve ever had, as well as the only interesting thing about you. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!