How to Combat the Anxiety of Re-Entering Society by Wearing a Thundershirt Under All of Your Clothes

Woman and Dog in Thundershirt

Slowly but surely, the world is reopening, and eventually you will have to go and exist in it. If this prospect fills your body with fear, you’re not alone­: Fortunately, there are tools and methods to ease this transition back to “normal” life, including wearing an article of clothing designed to keeps dogs calm during storms under your regular clothes at all times. Here’s how:


Buy yourself a Thundershirt.

It may sound obvious, but this is too important a step to skip over. In order to wear a Thundershirt, you’re going to have to own one, and since you’re sadly not a dog whose needs are tended to with someone else’s concern and money, you are likely going to have to buy one yourself. Within months an acquaintance you haven’t spoken to in over a year will ask what you’ve “been up to”, but even this horror will be no match for your vet-recommended, natural calming solution Thundershirt. Make sure you size up since you’re a human.



Cover it up (this is important).

Going back to work and not ready to be in the same room as your coworkers much less explain your Thundershirt to them? Good instinct. The high neck and lack of side armholes in your TS make it difficult to layer inconspicuously, so you might want to try a dickey turtleneck or poncho. This combination won’t be the best suited for summer but the overheating probably won’t be more stressful than doing your life without the grounding embrace of a polyester blend Thundershirt. It’s gray!


Add a Happy Hoodie.

If your panic over re-entering society worsens, you may need to add a Happy Hoodie: the calming compression cap for anxious dogs. You won’t be able to hide your Happy Hoodie under clothes, but once you have it on you’ll be so chilled out you won’t even care. Plus, when you go back into the world with your head held high in your Happy Hoodie, everyone will think, “Wow, they really lost it in quarantine,” and appropriately lower their expectations for interacting with you. You can even swim in this! In the sense that you can technically swim in anything, but still!


So grab your XXL Thundershirt from a pet store near you, and take the public by storm. You can also reuse this in the future to get out of jury duty!