How to Be So Positive That You’re Exhausting to Everyone Around You

A positive attitude can make the suffering inherent to life more bearable by increasing your ability to socialize, spread kindness and exist without screaming. But an attitude that’s overly positive can also be pretty fucking annoying when taken too far. Here’s how to take your attitude above, beyond and so far you’re exhausting to everyone around you.


Always look on the bright sight always.

To become so positive you’re exhausting, always look on the bright side always. Anyone can be positive in a situation that calls for it, but you want to be positive even when it’s wrong. Never commiserate with a friend who says they’re feeling down! Always remind them their brain is no good by telling them things like, “You just have to push yourself!” and “It’s mind over matter!” Refuse to accept any other mindset always.


Always smile always.

To maintain your exhausting level of positivity, always smile always. Never don’t smile. If you let your mouth muscles relax into a not-smile for a second, that could lead to “frowning,” which leads to negativity! And you don’t want to experience negativity. That’s the opposite of positivity, which is the attitude where you always feel good all the time! Who ever wants to feel bad? Not you – you literally can’t!



Always say stuff like, “Love is love!” ALWAYS.

Positivity isn’t just an attitude, it’s also when you always say stuff like, “Love is love!” ALWAYS. Always reducing people’s experiences into trite positive mantras is an important part of being so positive you’re exhausting to everyone around you. Love is love! It has to be, because the area of your brain that experiences anything else shut down a long time ago. Oh! Did you hear? Love is love! Haha, aw.


Refuse to die.

Being positive forever means you must refuse to die. It’s difficult to achieve this level of positivity, but you can do it by refusing to acknowledge death – the ultimate negativity. This is a proven method of remaining always so positive that you outlive everyone around you, possibly even causing them to die from your relentless commitment to feeling only one emotion.


With so much negativity in the world, such as nearly everything, it can be a difficult task to remain positive. But by following this simple guide, you can exhaust everyone around you while also perhaps living forever!