How to Be Excited for Winter Even Though You Can’t Stop Thinking About the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Episode Where Cristina Is Impaled by a Falling Icicle

For most people, winter conjures images of hot cocoa, Christmas trees, and twinkle lights. You wish you could be like those people, but alas, wintertime only brings about vivid memories of that one scene in Grey’s Anatomy when a falling icicle impales Cristina Yang while she’s lying on the ground. Anyway, here’s how to put that aside and try to enjoy winter like a normal person!


Make a Wish List

No matter how old you are, you’re never too old to dream about fun holiday presents for yourself! Just try to focus on things you want, and not about how painful it looked for that big, fat, single icicle to puncture Yang’s abdomen. It’s crazy how it started bleeding immediately. That would hurt so much! What you really wish for is a look behind the scenes of the writers who actually decided this was going to happen. Now THAT would be a perfect holiday gift!



Nothing is more exciting about holiday time than the feeling of magic in the air, and you can capture that feeling by decorating your home with lights, tinsel, and ornaments that will make you feel spirited. As you stand on a step stool, try to focus on the task at hand instead of what it would feel like to fall flat on your back then get pierced by a falling icicle. No, stop, stop thinking about that, just be happy. Happy like Cristina was after Owen tended to her icicle. No. Stop!!



Listen to Holiday Music

Free yourself from the prison of your Grey’s Anatomy-related thoughts by putting on your favorite holiday music to get you in the mood for jolly winter times! Probably skip “Silent Night” since that will make you think of the episode where Bailey sings it which will then make you think of Yang getting impaled by an icicle. And maybe getting so into the Christmas spirit definitely makes you think of Izzie and then, woops, you’re back to thinking about how Cristina was literally penetrated by falling ice. Okay, okay, you can do this. Just listen to holiday music and think of your childhood and some shit! Think of the snow and the ice and the JESUS CHRIST OH NO, WHY?


By following these tips, you might be able to get excited for winter like a normal person and not think about that one episode of Grey’s Anatomy where Cristina is impaled by a falling icicle. Uh oh… now you’re thinking about it again. Damn it!