How to Appear Self-Sufficient While Asking Your Parents for Money

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Everybody runs out of money sometimes. Or at least you do, frequently. Your parents, on the other hand, have tons! But the older you get, the less fun it can be to ask your parents for money. Even though you’re the same age as they were when you were conceived, suppress your shame and embrace your inner teenager with these tips to ask your parents for some cash!


“My life is so full right now.” 
You’ve been rebuilding your resume, and your parents should know that. Sure, it’s not quite done yet, but you’ll probably start the job hunt within the next two weeks. Tell them about your new book club and how great your poetry slam went. Avoid mentioning your World Cup day drinking. The busier you seem, the more Benjamins will come your way.


“It’s amazing how much better I feel when I take care of my body.” 
You’re back from your soul-searching backpacking sojourn to Southeast Asia and you’re strapped for cash. Put that free community yoga workshop to use by feeling relaxed during a degrading call home. No matter what your parents say, no amount of shame can take away that relaxed “almost naptime” feeling.


“Sometimes I miss writing papers.” 
Your parent’s hearts were broken when you left pre-med to work on a co-op farm in Wisconsin. Raise those hopes again by dangling a PhD in front of them. Once they’re in a jovial mood, they’ll be tripping over each other trying to reach their checkbooks. Sure, this might mean you’ll have to eventually go back to school, but what better way to maintain your laid -back lifestyle than by going back to school on your parents’ dime?



“I’ve really been focusing on building my brand on social media.” 
So that beekeeping startup turned out to be a dud, and your Etsy store isn’t going as well as you’d hoped, but you’ve accomplished a lot lately! Tell that about the AMAZING internship that will definitely start paying you after the first six months. Mention how much traffic your blog has gotten this month, and that you finally got your landlord to fix your leaky tap. You’ll have your parents bragging about you to their friends and clicking “transfer” on their banking app in no time.


“Oh, shoot, my NEWSPAPER is blowing away!” 
If all else fails, you can at least look like an adult while feeling like a minor. Nothing says, “I’m an adult” like reading the business section of the paper. This way, at least if your parents start lecturing you about responsibility and making your own way in the world, you can cap off the conversation with a couple of business-savvy topics.


Whatever your age, follow these useful tips to keep your dignity while asking the ‘rents for this month’s rent.