How I Got Ahead of Tax Season by Having My Dad’s Guy Do Them

Tax season can be so stressful. Especially as a freelancer, I always get so overwhelmed as soon as I start sorting through my 1099’s and W2s, not to mention figuring out my write offs and deductions! That’s why this tax season I’m proud to say that I got ahead of the game by having my dad’s guy do them for me.


And this tax season, I’ve never felt more on top of things.


There’s nothing more confusing than figuring out how to do your taxes – especially with so many changes to the tax law. Every year I haphazardly do my taxes online, then worry that I made a huge mistake that I’m going to pay for several years from now. But this year couldn’t have been easier – I just called my dad, said, “Ugh my taxes are so confusing” and without even hesitating, he said, “I’ll just have my guy do it.”


I never knew taxes could be so easy!


All I had to do was put all those random papers and whatever in a folder and then send them to my dad, who then sent him to his guy. Then his guy did them for me. He’s my dad’s golf buddy, so he also offered to just toss me in for free! Isn’t that so sweet? I’ll have to thank him next time I go to the club with my dad. Or maybe it wasn’t free? I can’t remember. Either way, it took me about five minutes to do my taxes this year and I couldn’t be prouder!



Usually around this time I start panicking and then do my taxes the night before they’re due. Then I stress that I’ll get audited and end up owing more money. Turns out, this whole time I should have just been sending all those confusing W-2s to my dad’s guy who is named Steve…or Stan! I’m not sure because we’ve never spoken. When he has questions about my taxes, he just asks my dad. It’s so simple!


Now when my friends complain about doing taxes, I just encourage them to hire a certified public accountant like I did. When they ask me how much it costs, or what the process is I just laugh and say, “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask my dad. He’s got a guy.”


For any women out there struggling to get through tax season, cheer up! There is a better way! Just ask your dad’s guy! Or if that doesn’t work, you can always try your mom’s guy. Good luck!