Hot Dad #TBTs That Say, ‘I Would’ve Fucked Him’

Father’s Day is almost here! This is a beautiful holiday to show the world how much you love your dad—and how hot he used to be 30 years ago. After all, nothing screams thoughtful, familial affection like broadcasting your blood relatives’ sex appeal. Forget the golf clubs and Omaha steaks—here are some photos of your hot, buff dad in the 1970s that subtly say, “In another world, I totally would’ve fucked my dad!”


Your Hot Dad Looking Silly

Who says silly isn’t sexy? A #TBT of your dad at age 18, pallin’ around in graduation robes will have your followers saying, “Wow, she totally would’ve fucked him if he weren’t her dad!” Look at his naïve excitement! Imagine if you were some random girl at Appleton West High School class of 1972—tell me you wouldn’t have deflowered that kid at Makeout Point! Happy Father’s Day!


Your Hot Dad Holding Up A Fish

The fish look may be played out on Tinder these days, but a faded photo of your hot dad holding up a fish in the 70s? Now that’s some innovative sexual temptation. When your friends see how sweaty and proud this 19-year-old charmer looks, they’re going to agree that it’s definitely erotic in a “we don’t have the internet yet” kind of way! Hypothetically erotic since he’s, you know, related to you.


Your Hot Dad Wearing Short Shorts

Hoo boy, there’s nothing like a Father’s Day #TBT to your hot dad’s college days: four years of shaggy hair, binge drinking and a whole lot of thigh. Your dad was trendy and restless and probably fucked a whole bunch. Posting this picture on Father’s Day will send the message that you’ll always be daddy’s little girl. It’ll also remind your social media contacts that if you were alive in 1974 (and not his daughter, don’t be weird!) you’d wish those shorts were even shorter.



Your Hot Dad Rocking Aviators (And a Pornstache)

This look is confirmation that your dad was a 100% fuck machine in his early 20s. The stache would be creepy and embarrassing now, but made for total babe material in that era. Your dad oozed sexual prowess—so don’t be afraid to show your followers that side of him! Hard to believe this man became the dorky, “How do I work this digital camera?” dad you love to ignore today. Let your friends draw their own conclusions with this one!


The most important thing about Father’s Day is letting your dad know you appreciate everything he’s done for you: from reading you stories before bed to teaching you to drive to dropping you off at college. Show him your love by telling your acquaintances, “My dad? He’s everything to me. And if I were alive in the 70s, I would’ve fucking hurled my naked body his way.” Aw! Happy Father’s Day!