Home Office Now Hated as Much as Real Office

 In a developing story out of Durham, NC, Olivia Peckham-Wolfstein’s home office has officially garnered as much of her disdain as her real office.


“The lack of commute is nice, but that’s about it,” said Olivia. “After five full weeks, I’m now just as miserable in the confines of the four walls in my spare bedroom as I am in the open-plan at my office.”


Olivia went on to express her resentment with her home workspace with the same force that she resents her actual workspace, noting the only thing they have in common: work.



“The coffee is slightly better in my own kitchen than it is in the office breakroom, but my home office is a mess,” she said. “Maybe I just hate my job?”


“Not to mention my irritating coworkers,” Olivia added, referring to both her real-life coworkers and her own two cats.


Recent work-from-homers across the country have mixed feelings about Olivia’s sentiments.


“Sure, it kinda sucks having my workspace and my living space in the same hallway,” said Kendall Reed. “But like…at least I have a space? And a job? Feels a little uncouth to complain right now.”


“The fact that I have a career that allows me to work from home is, to me, a stroke of luck,” said Lucy Aiello. “Lots of people are struggling right now – unlike Olivia, who is definitely not struggling.”


“If you hate your home office so much, like, just change it. It’s your home,” Lucy added. “It’s pretty great that you have a home.”


At the time of reporting, Olivia still had complaints about the lunch options near her home office. No word on whether she realizes that she’s just a bad cook.