Hero! This Woman is Baked in a Brightly Lit Pharmacy

In an act of unimaginable bravery, New York resident Raquel Bornstein entered a brightly lit CVS pharmacy while incredibly high today – and survived.


Raquel, who had just taken a fat J to the face in the comfort of her own apartment, discovered she was out of toilet paper and swiftly took action in a way few others would have dared.



“The pharmacy is a couple blocks from where I live, and I just thought, ‘If not now, when?’” explains the fearless Raquel. “Plus I thought I could get some sour straws.”


To witness an extremely stoned woman willingly go under bright fluorescent lights – with several security cameras where she could see herself on the monitor – when she could have just wiped with tissues and eaten a handful of her roommate’s tortilla chips is a true inspiration to go after your dreams whatever the personal cost.


But even with the difficult decision made, the worst was yet to come for Raquel.


“At first being outside in the cool air was refreshing, and I sort of felt like I was in a video game, so that was good,” Raquel says. “But then I entered the CVS and did become very afraid.”


Raquel recalls entering an unfamiliar world of watchful employees, linoleum floors, and blaringly white light.


“I told myself I was going to be in and out and keep a low profile,” says Raquel. “But looking around at everything I’m just transfixed. Products are so weird. Like what is a ‘Ziploc bag’? Do you get what I’m saying?”


Sort of!


“I guess I’m starting to have fun here even though it’s also scary,” says Raquel. “I just have to remember no one knows I’m…what I am.”


“I know she’s high,” says Leslie Jackson, a CVS employee. “I knew as soon as I saw her little, red eyes darting around the space, but I really knew when I saw her stroking the Brawny paper towels lumberjack logo and laughing out loud to herself.”



“Also her hair,” adds Leslie. “She just has high hair. I can’t explain that but I know it when I see it.”


At press time, Raquel was having a minor panic attack trying to use the self-checkout.