Wow! Casey Watched the Mr. Rogers Movie and Got Really Nice for Two Days

Casey Caldwell has finally seen the Mr. Rogers movie, a film that has inspired kindness and caring in an otherwise divided society. And it’s really struck a chord with Casey, who felt driven to treat others kindly for two full days.


“That kind of movie really gets under your skin and causes you to see the world in a whole new way,” says Casey, who said hi to her neighbors and tipped her barista for two whole days.. “I really feel like I’m part of a community now.”



“You totally get this helper’s high after making a connection with someone,” explains Casey, who aggressively held doors for strangers for roughly 48 hours before giving up completely. “It’s a real rush.”


While it didn’t last, Casey is still proud of her flirtation with kindness and philanthropy.


“It’s impossible to sustain that, especially when people are such assholes, but I’ll never forget what it felt like to be kind for those two days.”


“Is that what that was?” asks Casey’s boss. “I couldn’t understand why she hugged me on Thursday, but by Monday she was back to staring at her phone through the whole meeting, so I figured it was just PMS or something.”



Still, we may not have seen the end of Casey’s outsized generosity.


“Did you know they made another Mr. Rogers movie?” asks Casey. “If I go see it, I don’t know…I might even say thank you to a bus driver once.”