Hacker? This Woman Adds ‘Reddit’ to the End of Every Google Search

In an inspiring story out of Providence, R.I., 25-year old Joanna Lin is using advanced computing technology to get right to the heart of the answers she seeks by adding “Reddit” to the end of every Google search.


Okay, cyberpunk!


To give us the inside scoop into her hacking operations, Joanna pulled up an Incognito browser showing the search, how to not get pasta stuck to bottom of pot.” To this complicated string of characters, Lin added the word, reddit,” and hit enter.


“Alright,” Joanna said. “I’m in.”



These incredible hacking skills allow her to solve the problems truly important in her life, bypassing the morass of bullshit that is the majority of the Internet.


“I’ve had many successful missions,” said Joanna. “Like when an anonymous user name-dropped the best eyebrow threader in my neighborhood, or that one TL;DR post with much-needed life advice my parents never gave me.”


“It started when I just wanted Google to tell me what vitamins to eat to make my rash go away, and fucking Pinterest kept clogging up the search results,” Joanna said. “You know, if you want real answers, you have to look under the surface. It’s all public information… if you know where to look.”


A true tech-whiz goddess!


Over the years, this rogue knowledge-seeker has typed her most burning questions into the Google search bar, tacked on the word “reddit,” and just seen what happens. So far, she has tried inputs such as, how to set realistic expectations reddit,” “IUD side effects reddit,” and “is crypto leftist reddit.”


Just look at this little problem-solver go, hacking her digital axe into the tree of modern human knowledge!


At press time, Joanna was seen giving an upvote to her trusted source, u/420BasedGod69.


Way to go, Joanna!