Cottagecore Queen? This Woman Started Using a Chamber Pot

This influencer has a pot to piss in, and she’s not afraid to tell us about it! 24-year-old cottagecore enthusiast Samantha Sharpie has eschewed all flush toilets in favor of a more traditional, minimalist evacuation routine: She keeps a hand-painted, ceramic chamber pot under her bed in her East Village apartment she shares with four roommates!


Okay, simple living goddess alert!


Samantha prides herself on her sustainability and commitment to the cottagecore aesthetic. Her Instagram boasts an impressive 300k followers, inspiring others to take their toilets on the go and embrace an early 19th-century lifestyle.


Her recommendations also include brushing your teeth with sand and using leeches instead of tampons, both to reduce single-use plastics, but she says her switch to a chamber pot has changed her life the most.


“It’s the way we were supposed to do our business,” Samantha said. “It just feels so wholesome. Also, like, why go to the bathroom when you can bring the bathroom to you?’


Wow, so true!


“I put it under my desk chair and just go throughout the day. It’s a much more natural way of life,” she told us. “That’s what the cottagecore movement is about: letting go and embracing simplicity in every aspect of life.”


Sign us up!


Samantha also collaborates with local sculptors and ceramicists for her brand partnerships. When contacted about their experiences creating chamber pots for Samantha, artist Langley Jones responded that he has told her multiple times to stop promoting his work.


“It’s a vase,” Jones said. “I don’t know why she keeps doing this.”


Samantha has found a place as a leader in the growing cottagecore movement and believes everyone should find inspiration in slow living, but working in New York City as a rustic influencer can be tricky, as one of her roommates explains.


“Samantha will just come into the living room with a literal bowl of shit and throw it in the trash,” her roommate, who wished to remain anonymous, explained. “It smells like the Port Authority bathroom in here.”


Despite all these obstacles, Samantha is steadfast in her selectively-historical lifestyle and has no plans to change her chamber potty practices.



“Toilets are just overcomplicated and unnatural,” Samantha said. “Plus, what’s better than shitting in a pot?”


We couldn’t agree more!