Four Sassy Catchphrases That Still Won’t Make Your BFF Dump Her Abusive Boyfriend

It can be frustrating to watch someone you love remain in a relationship that’s unhealthy — especially when your helpful catchphrases fall on deaf ears. Some of the keys to supporting a friend in an abusive relationship include providing a safe place for her to talk, logistical help with childcare and transportation, and emotional support. But that doesn’t mean you should totally give up on these sassy mantras that will still never convince her to leave:



This sassy little acronym, which stands for “Fuck Another Man, Please!” is a great way to playfully tell your friend “you deserve better!” Try adding a snap or two to reinforce how much you care, even if this surely won’t convince her it’s time to end the cycle.


“Gaslight Aint Right!”

So your gal pal’s with a guy who emotionally manipulates her by constantly telling her she’s “crazy” or “too sensitive,” all while denying that he didn’t do or say things she knows he did? Break out this lil’ phrase that she’ll never openly agree with.



“Don’t be SEXtinguished!”

Her man has spent months using humiliation and verbal assault to destroy her self-esteem while stringing her along with occasionally great makeup sex. This phrase indicates that her confidence has eroded, even if it won’t push her any closer to the years of hard work it’ll take her to recover.



At the end of the day, simple is best. This long drawn out exclamation encapsulates your fear that she’s becoming a shadow of her formerly vibrant self. Adding a head bob or two while you yell, will remind her how much you care about her future, even though she definitely doesn’t have the resolve yet to care about it herself.