Fitting Room Demon Leaves a Size XL

Fitting Room Demon - Reductress

In a hellacious act of demonic proportions, fitting room demon Katie Burns left an unsuspecting customer, Sarah Quon, a size X-Large in her fitting room last Tuesday.


“This would look great with that skirt you just grabbed!” the wicked being snarled, dangling the barbaric suggestion beneath the dressing room door. “Let me know if I can help with anything else!” she cackled wickedly, retreating to her quarters and leaving her victim alone to cope with the vicious number.


Quon was both shocked and appalled by the demon’s dressing room assault.


“You never think things like this will happen to you, and then — bam!” Quon warned shakily. “I’m a medium,” she added, barely holding it together. “A medium.”



Friends of Quon noted the demonic being didn’t stop there: Burns continued to ruthlessly bombard Quon with a barrage of ill-fitting articles of clothing for the remainder of their stay.


“These would look great on you,” Burns sneered, releasing a slew of horrific items into Quon’s vicinity, including an oversized romper, a one-size-fits-all men’s vest, and a pair of orthopedic clogs.


Friends of Quon urged the victim to escape the beast’s lair without making a purchase. Sources confirmed the group fled the scene just in time, barely dodging a third outfit assault from the seething monster.


“Have a nice day!” Burns snarled ruthlessly, a final attack on her prey. “Come back soon!”