Finally! This Dress Is Just One Giant Pocket

If there’s one thing all women want, aside from pay equality and reproductive freedom, it’s pockets on dresses. For too long we’ve lived with no pockets, or fake pockets, or tiny pockets that get your hopes up only to turn around and say, “Haha, you stupid bitch, you can’t put your hand in here.” But that’s all over, because at last, we have a dress that’s actually just one enormous, functional pocket.


Say hello to the La Poche dress (Anthropologie, $485). With its structured simplicity and understated pinstripe pattern, this timeless garment is a closet mainstay. The La Poche is made from sustainably sourced cotton, and its perfectly square silhouette flatters any shape. Best of all, it’s basically just a huge sack of a pocket that you jump into, allowing you plenty of room for your phone and wallet.


Yes! This is exactly what women have been asking for!


Fashion historians have noted that since women historically could not own property or do business, they had no need of places to store possessions. And while designers still try to avoid creating extra bulges in the design, this one giant pocket of a dress is proof of how far we’ve come!



Of course, you may still want to use a purse to keep your stuff together, so that it isn’t all in a pile at your feet. The one small flaw with the La Poche is that it could use an inner pouch or compartment of some sort, for storage, as well as some sort of opening to let your feet out so you’re not tripping all over yourself. But overall, it’s this summer’s must-have item. You can wear this versatile number to the beach, the office, or dress it up with heels for a night on the town. (Avoid stilettos, as they may puncture the bottom of the dress.) Get it before it sells out!