Face Shimmers That Shout, ‘I’m Totally Okay!’

woman crying

It’s winter, and you’re trying to maintain your fresh dewy look that says, “Hey, I’m fun! I’m totally not going to knock over the sunglasses display at Rite Aid while yelling a Sylvia Plath poem!” There are few better ways to communicate this look and feeling than by implementing a variety of face shimmers!


A Designer Highlighting Duo That You Shoplifted

So maybe the security at Sephora isn’t as watertight as they want you to think it is! This tester that you stole a few weeks ago from the bigger Sephora is really only meant for women with the overall self-maintenance routine to support this amount of shine, but on your unkempt face, it’ll do nothing more than send a loud-and-clear message: “I’m totally okay!”


Mix The CVS Shimmers, Bronzers, And Body Glitter Into A Facial Fruit Punch

Wow! Exhibiting such creativity with your makeup while still in the store not only makes you glow of deep physical youth and vitality, but it also shows that you’re definitely okay with that job you didn’t get last week! Let those cheeks shine like desperate diamonds under both sun and moon rays, while your eyes desperately plead for the Universe to throw you just one bone!


Empty Your Roommate’s Glitter Jar All Over Your Cheeks

While the full, silver sparkling look of the jar is a nice accompaniment to the living room décor, your sad-sack face could really use some visual accompaniment as well! Cup your hand, pour some glitter out of the jar, apply generously, and take a selfie wherein you look like an adult fairy who is totally okay and not crying for help!



Remove The Sequins From Your Prom Dress

Face shimmer doesn’t always have to be subtle or ‘natural.’ Sometimes you just wanna express yourself as a playful, expressive woman, who totally didn’t rewatch Airbud last night while Googling, “Do Dogs Feel Loneliness?” Reach into that back dark corner of your closet, pull down that dreaded prom dress and sacrifice it in order to express your vitality, your independence, and your total okayness.


Rip Apart A Glitter Boa And Shimmer Away!

Do you wanna shimmer and also let your mom know this tough winter hasn’t kicked the life out of you, but you’re fresh out of makeup? Fear not, all you’ve gotta do is dig in your old theater chest, pull out one of the gaudy boas you wore in 9th grade as a sassy side character, and spread the shiny shards of tinsel on your face. Tears and fear-sweat work as ideal adhesive for a so-okay look!


If none of these shimmers fit your skin tone or your feelings, we suggest you try out our list of blushes that accentuate your depression. Feel better! Oh wait, YOU ALREADY DO!