Five Times Its Totally Okay to Text and Drive

Texting while driving has caused thousands of devastating accidents this year alone. You’ve already taken the pledge not to text and drive, but there are times when typing on the road is simply unavoidable. Here’s some instances where doing two things at once is just necessary:

1. At a Stoplight

This one is pretty obvious – you’re not technically driving so you may as well be texting something.

2. Hot Gossip That’s Happening RIGHT NOW

You’re on your way to brunch when you witness your worst frenemy making a walk of shame down Franklin Ave. You CANNOT wait ‘til your mimosas are poured to tell the girls. Shift your coffee to your non-dom hand and mass text a pic of that hot mess on the double!

3. The Soon-to-Expire Hook-up

You’re driving home after midnight and receive a text from your hot friend inquiring: “you up?” This is time sensitive and requires an immediate reply. You may even need to make a quick U-turn over to his place. It’s commonly known that “you up” texts must be replied to within a fifteen-minute window. He will either fall asleep or bone someone else, so you must text him before it’s too late. Besides, the roads are usually pretty empty at this hour.


4. A Super Sad Car Accident

If you see an accident, it’s important that your friends immediately know how fucked up it was. Since you’re already going slowly with the flow of traffic, it is also perfectly acceptable to Vine your reaction to the tragedy going on behind you.

5. You’re A Little Drunk

You’re driving home from a date where you only ate half a salad at dinner and your stomach is screaming. While you’re obviously not full-on drunk, in you’re sleepy stupor you can’t remember where the closest Chik-Fil-A is! This is a time when you’re totally allowed to send a quick “where was that drive-thru we went to sfter the Kesha show laat weekk/?” to your friend Amanda.
If a police officer happens to pull you over for texting and driving, carefully explain which one of these totally justifiable scenarios in which you were involved. And just remember – nine people are killed by texting and driving in the U.S. every day, so text safely!