Every Piece of Jewelry I Own is Meaningful and I’ll Prove It

Some girls are content to wear a necklace because it “appeals to them aesthetically,” or “goes with their outfit.” Grow up — every bauble tells a story. I don’t put anything on my body unless it is profoundly meaningful to me. That’s why I never wear shoes.


This ring was my great-grandmother’s. It ties me to my lineage in the way only a cold piece of metal can. When it snags on my sweaters I feel a jolt of connection to the past. Ellis Island must have been crazy.


I stole this charm bracelet from my ex-best friend when I was going through a hard time. It reminds me to be strong during life’s inevitable valleys—sometimes setbacks are just opportunities for betterment. I hated that girl so much.



This watch used to be my roommate’s, until she fell mysteriously from our balcony one night after I caught her flirting with my boyfriend. It’s funny how something can remind you of a person long after they’re gone. The trial was a nightmare, but they didn’t really have a leg to stand on. I guess that’s what I love about jewelry—it can be like wearing a memory.


If anyone tries to tell you that jewelry doesn’t need to mean anything, they’re just jealous. Jealous, and living a life devoid of meaning.