End of an Era? This Woman Entered Her ‘No More Eras’ Era

Brooklyn, NY resident Frieda Howard has done it all for very short periods of time, but this week she has decided to bid farewell to all her different eras by finally entering her ‘no more eras’ era.


Sad, but slay!


“I love a good era,” Frieda told reporters. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been in an era, whether that be my cottage core era, my French cinema era, my only eating pretzels era, my evil girl era, my Queen-Latifah-featured-rom-com obsession era, and many, many more. But for this era, I’m ready to leave it all behind. No more eras era!”


Okay, work! Let’s see how long this one lasts!


Frieda told reporters that it seems like people just aren’t subscribing to their own episodic personalities anymore.


“I got into eras originally because I love reinventing myself,” she said. “But now that people aren’t talking as much about eras anymore, I keep thinking, ‘Do I just have to be the same person for my whole life now?’ That’s horrifying, so I’ve decided to reject that notion and embrace being in my ‘no more eras’ era indefinitely. It’s a win-win!”


Yes, bitch! Stop defining yourself!


After existing in her “no more eras” era for a couple days, Frieda has made a series of discoveries about herself.


“It’s almost like I can be whoever I want to be now, without it being some sort of trend,” she said. “I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like it before.”


However, Frieda’s roommate, Jaelin Banks, strongly disagreed with her statement.


“I mean, she didn’t start calling her different periods of interest ‘eras’ until around two years ago,” Jaelin told reporters. “You could argue that’s just what being human is like. I’m glad Frieda doesn’t feel the same pressure to define herself anymore, though.”


At press time, Frieda was last seen recording TikToks of herself detailing her ‘no more eras’ era, where she just stares blankly at the camera for three minutes straight.