Don’t Win The Argument With Sex…He’s Your Son

Couples fight. An argument now and then is perfectly normal. It’s how you handle that argument that will determine where things go from here. So when you need to sort things out between you and your best guy, use your words, not your body. Sure, it’s easy for you to lay down in frustration instead of laying down the law, but try to have a conversation with him instead. Because also, he’s your son.


According to psychiatrist linda Vexner, when a woman feels she is being stonewalled and not getting through to her man, she may try to settle the score with sex, which society has taught her is her only strength. “The adrenaline rush of a yelling fight may stir up some animalistic urges, especially if it’s an ongoing issue, like him not helping around the house,” says Vexner. “Just make sure you don’t give into them.” We assume this research also applies when he’s your son. I mean, he’s your son, what is wrong with you?


You may think this would never apply to you, but the numbers tell a different story: 86% of couples’ arguments start in who does the laundry and end in a tangle of passion. And that’s a big no-no when you’re arguing with your eldest genetic offspring.



Instead of seeing this as a depressing statistic, take it as a challenge to improve your conflict resolution skills. Next time he disagrees with you, analyze the situation, and then talk through the problem until it is solved. This will lead to better communication between you two without using sex as a Band-Aid. And also, because he’s your son, so when you yell, “Jimmy, go to your room,” he’ll know it’s a punishment, not a twisted invitation, you sick fuck.


If you don’t tell him how a conflict is making you feel, how can he respond to you in a mature way? The key to any relationship is an open dialogue. So when he says, “Why have we had fish sticks three nights in a row, Mom?” You say, “I respect your curiosity, but I also think we’re allowed to have things in this relationship that are just for us. I’m not saying we keep secrets from each other, I’m saying we respect each other’s right to privacy.”


And you do not shut him up with a quickie. That is fucked up.


Asked for clarification, Vexner maintains that her study had nothing to do with women who want to have sex with their sons. Vexner states, “Women, for psychological and legal reasons, should not have sexual relationships with their sons.” So there you have it, when entering into an argument with your son, it is especially important not to have sex with him. What the hell is wrong with you?