QUIZ: Is He Mr. Right or Mr. Right Meow?

Cat Fantasy

Love: It’s something we all search for, but there’s no hard and fast rule for knowing when you’ve found your purrfect match. At some point in every woman’s life, she has to determine if she’s found “The One” or if she’s maybe projecting romantic expectations onto her cat, who happens to have a lot of time for her at the moment. We got you, boo! Take this quiz and find out if this is the first day of the rest of your life with the man of your dreams, or if you’re just super compatible with your current cat.


1.You get home after a long, trying day at work. What does he do?

A. Has a bottle of wine waiting, and offers to rub your feet.

B. Ignores you at first, then throws himself at your feet, arching his back and rolling around.


2. When you really need him, where is he?

A. Right by your side, duh.

B. Probably trying to fit into that cereal box over there.


3. Do you bring the best out in each other?

A. Yes—that’s what your friends and family say! He makes you feel like you can do anything.

B. Totally—like he even covers and buries his feces now.


4. Do you feel like yourself around him?

A. Bad jokes, burned roasts, snores and all!

B. I’m uncensored around him, but sometimes when he stares at my arm hairs for three minutes it feels like he’s judging me.



5. You two have a heated disagreement. How does he handle it?

A. He takes a little time to process, then initiates with solid communication.

B. He head butts you until you give in and pay him attention, at which point he’d like a belly rub, please. Then, he ignores you. You allow this.


6. It’s the freakin’ weekend! What does he want to do?

A. Something fun that you’ve both wanted to try, like rock climbing or hang gliding. Adventure time!

B. Bolt around the house erratically. Kill a bug. Sleep for 20 hours. Repeat.


7. Are your core beliefs and values in alignment?

A. You’re independent people, but yes, you agree on the important stuff like religion and kids.

B. I mean, his pre-pounce butt wiggle is almost identical to how you dance when you’re three glasses of Sauv Blanc in. So, yes.


Mostly As: Huzzah! You’ve found Mr. Right! He’s cute, he’s sweet, he doesn’t break out in silver-dollar-sized hives at the mention of commitment! Congrats, you two!


Mostly Bs: He’s Mr. Right Meow. Whoops! On the plus side, you still have a partner in crime who likes to sleep in and judge others as much as you do, but if you’re looking for a human male romantic partner, keep lookin’, cutie. This is a cat.