Do You Need To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom Or Has He Just Literally Never Asked You What Feels Good?

No matter how long you’ve been with your partner, keeping things fresh in the bedroom can be challenging. It’s important to ask yourself why you may not be getting the sexual satisfaction you need. Are you bored because you’re doing the same stuff every time, or has the dude you’re banging literally never once asked you what feels good for you? Take this quiz to find out:


What is your sex like?

A) It’s a little vanilla, but I definitely think if we introduced a few new components things could really heat up!

B) Oh you know, like, a lot of penis stuff and then the penis goes in for a while until he comes.


Do you communicate during sex?

A) Yeah, he checks in a lot and so do I. It’s nice because sometimes one thing feels good and other times that same thing doesn’t feel good.

B) He grunts a lot. Does that count?


Do you guys talk about sex after you do it?

A) Yes, we cuddle for a bit and then talk honestly about whether there’s anything we wanted to try differently next time.

B) Uhh no, he falls asleep right after he comes and I’m left to fend for myself. Wow, I really am not being pleasured correctly! Oh well, I guess!


Does he do the stuff you like in bed?

A) Usually, because I give him feedback like “go softer” or “that feels great” and he definitely adjusts what he’s doing after I give him direction. I think I’m going to let him know I want to try a few new positions.

B) I like being fingered and he kind of does that! Just too hard and about an inch above my clit. Sort of right on my pubic bone? It feels bad!


Has he ever asked you what you like to do in bed?

A) Totally. I think it turns him on to do what makes me feel good, which is cool!

B) Nope, I usually just moan louder if he’s anywhere near my clit to signal, ‘Hey, touch my clit!’ Wow, this relationship isn’t doing it for me! Lol!




Mostly A’s: It sounds like you have a healthy foundation to keep growing sexually together! Next time you’re in the mood for something a little more adventurous, I would just voice it. Your dude sounds receptive and down to make you feel good!

Mostly B’s: Wow, sounds like you’ve found a guy who legit doesn’t ask you whether sex feels good for you ever! Don’t worry, while you may feel lonely, thousands of women are experiencing similarly uncommunicative and straight-up bad sex too! Don’t be afraid to have a conversation in which you address what you’re looking for in bed, but be prepared for him to continue thrusting into you for his dick’s sake! Wow, some men are really doing it wrong!