How To Come Like ‘WoOah i’M cOmINgGgg’ So Everyone Knows You’re Coming

Sometimes when you’re doing the dirty, it can be hard for your partner to tell if you’re close to reaching ultimate sexual satisfaction. They might look for cues like heavy breathing to conclude that you’re close. But why be so mysterious when you can just use your words melodramatically to make sure everyone in the room knows what’s happening. Here’s how to come like ‘woOah i’M cOmINgGggggGG’ so everyone knows that, yeah, you’re coming!


Start slow.

Make sure you’re taking your time and building up to the final climactic moment. Nothing is hotter than tons of foreplay, because by the time you’re ready the anticipation will be too much! Make out for a while, and let him know that, ‘woahhHhhh we’Re MakiNng oUT’ so that he’ll be prepared when the time comes for you to orgasm, and you say ‘WoooAHhhHHh iT’s HaPpenINg i’M cOMingGG’. He’ll love knowing that you’re coming because you say it so crazy and loud like that!


Get psyched up.

If you’re enthusiastic about the forthcoming sex, get hyped up! Drink some gatorade, have a personal dance party and get ready to be the most passionate lover you can be. Show him what he’s got to look forward to by making noises like ‘yeEAHHhhHHh bAbeee’, ‘tHat fEEls sooOoOo GooOOOooOd’ and ultimately ‘WoahaHAHhHAH dUUUde i aM dOinG a bIG cOmE’. Now, he and each of his roommates know that you’re freaking coming!


Put some music on.

Ever had sex with music playing in the background? It’s hot as hell! Put on some sexy tunes and make love to the sweet melodies of Marvin Gaye. And when you’re about to come, you may feel it so hard that you join in the song with something like ‘LeT’S GeT iT oN eXcEpT foR wE alREAdy diD aNd i aM cOmInG rIghT nOwWWW!’ This will probably take longer to sing than your orgasm will to be complete, but that’s totally fine and cool!



Use toys.

And by ‘toys’, we mean vibrators, dildos or better yet, a megaphone! This way, you can scream, ‘i cUm SoOsosososoo LoNg’ so loudly that it deafens him and lets the whole block know you are having an orgasm right now! Kinky!


Use any of these tips and tricks to come like ‘WoAh sIR i CuM GoOOd’ so he and everyone nearby knows what’s happening! And beware, if you decide to stay quiet during sex that can be really confusing for men! Good luck! HaAPpy CoMinGG!